Left At The Avenue present first taste of upcoming EP with explosive single Minibar

Melbourne based indie-rock outfit Left at the Avenue have released a slew of high energy singles, but Minibar takes the cake.

Formed in their early adolescent years, Left at the Avenue are preparing to release their debut EP later this year, setting the pace with their own personal favourite track Minibar

Minibar is a dynamic rollercoaster, sending your insides turning and setting your emotions loose.

left at the avenue

Channelling a mixture of Australian rock and British Indie while conjuring comparisons to some American Indie favourites (such as The Front Bottoms and Modern Baseball), LATA seem like five different bands rolled into one throughout the five minutes of Minibar.

It’s both inviting and undeniably exciting. Teeming with authenticity and raw feeling, Minibar feels like a mission statement.

Powerful, cracking vocals and a blend of delicate and fuzzy guitar tones, the most climactic moments of Minibar (of which there are many) are reminiscent of The Backseat Lovers.

With an exploration of dynamics always in motion, Minibar is a festival ready staple, the highlight of any LATA set in the making. 

The band’s love of British indie is clear, Minibar akin to Catfish And The Bottlemen’s Tyrants.

left at the avenue

Though intentionally pulling from those they adore, LATA are able to stand out amongst a sea of sound-alikes.

Melodically and lyrically relatable despite remaining specific, LATA seem to have stumbled upon the perfect indie-rock songwriting formula.

There is something intoxicating about the intensity of the vocals, as well as the unpredictable though immensely satisfying dynamic shifts that appear at every turn.

With a hooky, memorable chorus surrounded by moments of vibrant experimentation, Minibar holds onto its integrity while inviting one and all to join the eruptive journey that LATA have laid out for us. 

Undoubtedly proficient at both their musicality and their own individual take on genre-bending, LATA have the makings of the next great indie-rock outfit to emerge not only from Australia, but from the scene at large.

With an EP on the way and Minibar as its mascot, it’s hard not to be excited about what is to come for Left at the Avenue. 

Stream Minibar below. 

Review By Caitlin Norris