Mister Co. bring romance to the fore on soulful new sophomore single ‘Make You Feel Alright’

Avoiding the despair that often underpins most love songs, husband duo Mister Co. sing with charming sincerity of a feel-good kind of romance on Make You Feel Alright. 

Mister Co. have released their sophomore single, a funky love ballad titled Make You Feel Alright. A radiant and foot-tapping ode to romantic bliss, the retro-inspired track brings soul to the forefront, with the duo’s rich vocals calling back to the classic grooves of the 60s.

Mister Co. set a romantic scene from the outset, with the kind of funky basslines and vibrant horn sequences that might be overheard during a candlelit date night. 

Mister Co. single 'Make You Feel Alright'

The soul influences of Make You Feel Alright are undeniably infectious. Finger-click percussion, catchy repeated refrains and vocal ad libs give the track a liberating feel, to the point where you’ll sing-along to the tune before humming it incessantly for the next few days.

Lyrically, Make You Feel Alright is a sugary reflection on love’s sunnier moments, as Mister Co. bandmates Connor and Oscar Absolum sing flirtatiously of late nights and “gettin’ wild with me tonight.”  

Wanna keep you feeling right, baby,” the pair croon on the song’s hook, before a trumpet sequence kicks the romance into overdrive. Written during the lockdown, the husband duo of Connor and Oscar describe Make You Feel Alright as “an attempt to lift each other up and bring each other joy.”

The pair continued in a press statement: “The song follows the simple desire to bring your partner satisfaction, physically, mentally and emotionally, a behind closed doors sense of flirt.

Mister Co. single 'Make You Feel Alright'

With any love song, there’s a risk of either downtrodden heartbreak or exaggerated sentimentality, but Make You Feel Alright arrives with such sincerity that it’s impossible not to be smitten.

The track was co-produced by Dominik Harold, who also contributed to Mister Co.’s debut single Tonight. That song arrived in December, and has since amassed some 48,000 streams — establishing the pair as a songwriting tour de force that is only solidified with Make You Feel Alright. 

While Connor and Oscar had previously worked separately in the music scene — including both on stage and in the studio — the duo combined their collective influences of musical theatre and anthem rock, soul and pop to become a bona fide music project last April.

With two stellar singles and an undeniable charm under their belt, Mister Co. are poised to make some noise, one feel-good ditty at a time. Make You Feel Alright is lifted from Mister Co.’s upcoming debut album On This Journey, which is set for release in October. 

Listen to Mister Co.’s new single Make You Feel Alright below.