Mitch Rowland’s debut gem ‘Come June’ brings a fresh drop of indie pop magic to Friday

Enjoy some sweet sweet music on us, in the form of indie pop maestro Mitch Rowland’s debut album ‘Come June’

By now, you’ve likely caught wind of Mitch Rowland‘s indie pop magic. Well, the wait is over – his album, ‘Come June,’ has landed, and it’s a total dream – start to finish.

Drawing comparisons to the legendary Elliot Smith, Rowland brings a fresh, distinctive twist to the indie scene. His story is one of grit, determination, and a future that gleams with promise. Let’s take a deep dive into the journey that brought us this musical gem.

Ohio to LA: A Dreamer’s Odyssey: In 2013, Mitch Rowland traded the quiet streets of Ohio for the pulsing heart of Los Angeles, fueled by an unquenchable passion for music. A lifelong love affair with melodies and chords led him to this pivotal moment.

By 2016, however, he found himself on the verge of relinquishing his dream, scrubbing dishes in a pizza joint. Fate, however, had other plans. An opportunity to collaborate with Harry Styles on the latter’s debut album emerged, propelling Rowland into a world of creativity and transformation.

This collaboration birthed some of the decade’s biggest hits and introduced him to his musical partner-in-crime and future wife, the remarkable drummer, Sarah Jones.

The Birth of ‘Come June’: ‘Come June’ is the heartbeat of Rowland’s artistic evolution. This carefully crafted album began its journey in 2019. The title track, ‘Come June,’ with its wistful, organ-laden melodies, took the lead. However, it temporarily took a backseat as Rowland embarked on a whirlwind tour with Styles.

Then, 2020 happened, and with it, a stretch of unexpected solitude. This pause became the breeding ground for inspiration. Guided by his trusted creative confidante, Sarah, Rowland set to work on the rest of the songs, and ‘Come June’ came alive.

Conclusion: A Real Deal Musical Journey: No frills, no extravagance – just the raw, unfiltered story of Mitch Rowland‘s musical odyssey to ‘Come June.’ Kudos to Mitch for infusing our lives with a touch of magic. This album isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s a testament to passion, persistence, and the boundless power of music. Brace yourselves, because Mitch Rowland is only just beginning.