What’s on this weekend: Happy’s picks for Sydney’s gigs

Still not sure how to spend your weekend? Happy’s got it covered with our favourite gigs this weekend.

It’s pretty simple – after combing through gig after gig, we have accumulated a list of some personal favourites that are playing this weekend in Sydney. From death metal to bedroom pop to post-punk to electro, there’s a price-savvy gig here for everyone.




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‘Sad music you can dance to’ is what GRXCE promises listeners.

Their music is reminiscent of an Australian Melanie Martinez while exuding major main character energy.

I suggest you get in quick while tickets are cheap and venues are relatively small and you get the ultimate brag of ‘I knew them before they were cool!’.

Joining them on the OAF Gallery stage will be smartcasual (‘lake surf rock that mums love’) and indie-pop rockers, Club Halifax.

Pop Radio

To celebrate the release of their debut album, Small Steps, Tiny Doors, Pop Radio is making the journey down from Byron to bring us city folk some psychedelic 70s folk goodness, man.

Their take on the 70s folk rock is genuine, comforting, and reminds me of Aussie summers when I was a kid in the early 2000s, being raised by hippies.

Joining them will be the ever-delightful Hot Apple Band.

Mason’s Video Club

Mason’s Video Club boasts a retro rock that isn’t necessarily retro in the ‘shoo-bop 50s’ sense, but more the early 2000s rock take on it.

Think The Strokes, Father John Misty, or Arctic Monkeys.

The existentialism in their songs brings a sort of comfort, as if it’s a relief you’re not the only one thinking about what happens when you die.

The hypnotic Maia Toakley and the surfey Supahoney will be accompanying.


Flight to Dubai


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Ever wondered what The Smiths would sound like if they strolled the streets of Enmore, wore cowboy hats and oozed with swagger?

Wonder no more, Flight to Dubai is BACK baby!

After being off the stage for over a year, they will be gracing the sticky stage of The Duke with a killer lineup of garage/psych punks O.M.R (Orson’s Martian Radio) and the explosively miscellaneous Tombeau & the Idiots.

Pull Down the Sun


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For their first Australian tour, Pull Down the Sun is celebrating the release of their upcoming single, PIERCE THE SEA.

Their sound is brutal, heavy and incredibly atmospheric, which only seems fitting as their music is inspired by the history and scenery of New Zealand.

Joining them will be Introspect and Impha One.

New Wave 6

It’s the 6th wave of Sydney’s new sound with a stuffed-to-the-gills lineup of Belvedeer, Echo Facility, Fever Pitch, The Red and Ugly Mug PLUS art by Spill District.

Get some of that sweet, sweet art and culture into ya.


Free-kin Weekends


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My favourite Sunday Scaries remedy has returned after a long, harsh winter.

That’s right, Free-kin Weekends is back!

To kick off the momentous occasion, The Factory is bringing in a bundle of local alt-indie rockers; Club Halifax, In Good Hands, Moonwood, and The Toothpicks will all be rocking the stage, with a kick off at 1.

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