Molosser raise awareness for bushfire restoration with ‘Back In Black’ cover

Ever-inspired acoustic-duo Molosser have covered AC/DC to raise funds and awareness for Australian bushfire restoration.

Molosser (Tess & Jahn) first caught our attention with their down-tuned acoustic riffage on single Ellesmere Island. The arrangement was well-considered, the duo had performance chemistry, and they just had a way about them. Playing together in their farmhouse in Sweden, watching them strum away, it felt sincere – the total opposite to the usual marketing glib.

Their honest, down-to-earth approach to songcraft has led the duo to cover Back In Black (AC/DC), but with a greater purpose. Molosser want to raise awareness for WIRES, an Australian charity dedicated to “rehabilitating and preserving Australian wildlife”. This mission is especially integral following the devastating impacts of the 2019/2020 bushfires. In Molossor’s words, here’s some more info on WIRES, and why they covered the iconic Aussie track.


We live in the Swedish countryside, surrounded by nature and animals, and, along with music, you can safely say that is a major influence on our lives.

When Happy Mag approached us for an interview and asked if we wanted to do something else as well, we wanted to combine this in some kind of greeting from us to Australia – a place that we’ve been fascinated by for as long as we can remember.

And, if possible, make some kind of difference in the process. That’s why we recorded our cover of AC/DC’s Back in Black – one of the foundations of riff-rock as we know it – and hope to use it to collect some money for WIRES, a solid organization that’s making great efforts to restore Australian wildlife after the great bush fires in 2019-2020 (among lots of other things).

We had a series of devastating wildfires in Sweden in 2018, and we were shaken by the reports of the Australian bushfires. Of course, we need to steer in a direction globally that makes these disasters stop in the first place, but we also have to save what’s left after their rampage.

We chose to cover Back in Black most of all because we love the song, of course, and because it is a symbol of Australian music, but also because it’s one of those tracks that are so strong in itself that it has no problem surviving “Molosserization”.

Since the original is as close to perfect as possible, there’s no point trying to copy it, so we do our own thing instead. Also, it’s a pointer in the direction we’re taking our music in the future.

Molosser will start with donating 666 Swedish kronor (roughly 100 AUD) to WIRES.

Hopefully, it will help a number of beasts. “Think global. Act local” – but as things stand now it’s even simpler: Think. And act.

Celebrate Australia’s rock giants AC/DC by helping Australian wildlife come back from black after the bush fires of 2019-2020!