Momma hit home run with tongue-in-cheek single ‘Rockstar’

Say hello to Momma, the grunge meets pop act on the verge of a major breakthrough. Their latest single Rockstar is totally infectious.

Momma is a female-led band hailing from Brooklyn. On their latest single Rockstar, the band cheekily manifest a future as mega-hit superstars.

The best part? With music and personalities as authentic as theirs, this fantasy might not be far from the truth.


Just like their leading influence, Nirvana, Momma has refined the immersive juxtaposition of slimy ’90s guitars and pop-melody vocals, to create a sound that’s as tender as it is badass. A surreal balance of the light and dark.

Songwriting dream team Allegra Weingarten and Etta Friedman (both on guitars and vocals) took their grunge/pop sound into Rockstar, but with a story in mind.

“Etta and I wanted to write a song about making it big and becoming rockstars”, Allegra comments. “We didn’t want to take anything too seriously, lyrically, or musically”. 

This no-strings-attached, tongue-in-cheek approach actually resulted in an extremely compelling track, where we as listeners root for the band. Why? Because a) they sound incredible, b) they aren’t pretentious. While the song’s catchy melody and relentless electrics are enough to win you over, it’s the music video that signed the deal for me.

The video parodies rock-comedies like School of Rock and Josie and the Pussycats, showcasing Momma performing in a Battle of The Bands, only to be whisked off into high-life limo rides, magazine covers, fan-mania, and all that sweet glory local artists would kill for.

In other words, they make it. And who would have thought it? “Our last drummer quit the band”, Momma quip in verse one, to hilarious effect. Anyone who has tried their hand at the local band game knows that drummers are always in high demand. Definitely give Momma a spin, they’ve got a killer sound and a winning attitude to music.

Listen to more from Momma below: