Moodagent: AI-based streaming service based on ‘moods’ and ‘flavours’ lands in Australia

Can an app really recommend the right track at the right time? Moodagent claims it can, and it’s just landed in Australia.

Founded by Peter Berg Steffensen and Mikael Henderson, Moodagent was originally created as a means to improve the process of music discovery beyond what is currently offered by other services. It’s defined by ‘Interactive Playlists’, or playlists that adapt to fit your current mood.

As part of a global push that aims to have Moodagent accessible to more than 25 countries by 2023, they have just launched in Australia, with a subsequent launch in New Zealand planned.

moodagent Australia
Photo: Pat Stevenson

So, how is Moodagent unique to any of the other streaming services? The big differential is a patented data model that they’ve been working on for over a decade (believe it or not, Moodagent first appeared on Nokia phones back in 2009), their so-called “secret recipe” for creating interactive playlists and laser-accurate listening recommendations.

What this means is, basically, a user experience that’s more tailored to yourself as a unique listener, rather than part of a wider system that also takes chart data, streaming numbers, and static playlists into account. Moodagent claims to be able to offer recommendations based on mood, emotions, and a more specified taste with their algorithm.

The app’s interactive playlists (called ‘moodagents’) are based around five sliders; Sensual, Tender, Happy, Angry, and Tempo. By adjusting each to what you’re currently feeling – hopefully it’s a little more ‘I just got that promotion’ Happy than ‘I want to punch a wall’ Angry – the playlist will adapt, complimenting your mood.

Moodagent’s Australian team will be led by Tom Mee, former head of artist and label marketing at Spotify ANZ. He’ll be backed up by Toni Pipicelli as director of music and editorial, and Bushra Abel as regional marketing director.

“It’s a unique streaming service with a proposition that tackles the challenge of music recommendations and discovery in a very personal and interactive way”, Mee shared.

“With Australia having such a vibrant and diverse music culture Moodagent is perfectly suited to cater to the musical tastes of every fan, no matter what their mood.”

An interesting note on their Australian launch is a connection with Splendour XR – the digital version of Splendour In The Grass happening over the 24th and 25th of July – as their exclusive streaming partner.

What this means is an opportunity to give Moodagent a red hot go with the many artists on the Splendour XR lineup, including The Killers, Charli XCX, and more. Interactive Splendour playlists are ready to be devoured, plus there’s also a competition to win tickets, and an exclusive offer to get three months of Moodagent Premium on the house. Find out more about all that right here.


Find out more about Moodagent on their website, where you can also start a free trial if it sounds like your cup of tea.