This Moog factory tour is everything we need right now

This Moog factory tour is everything we need right now

On what would have been Robert Moog’s 87th birthday, Sweetwater has released a video lifting the lid on this magical synth factory. Your weekend viewing plans are sorted.

Last week marked what would’ve been the 87th birthday of the grandfather of modern sound design Robert Moog. His efforts within the world of analog sound synthesis led to the creation of the world’s first commercially available synth — 1964’s Moog Synthesizer — and the following establishment of one of the most important brands in the history of electronic music.

The warm and rich tones that poured out of those circuits are still beloved to this day, and at long last, there exists a way of peeking behind the curtain and seeing how the cake is made. In this video from Sweetwater’s YouTube Page, synthesis expert Daniel Fisher lets us join him on a tour through the Moog factory, going into a bit of detail about each of the different departments that pump out the incredible range of Moog instruments.

Moog has set the bar incredibly high over the past few years, releasing some of the most expensive and expansive products in the synthesizer market, and in this video, we’re finally able to see just where these thousands of dollars go.

The most interesting thing about this walkthrough however is just how homegrown the team is. The North Carolina factory is definitely the case of a perfect synergy forming between high levels of quality assurance, while still having nothing else other than Bob’s legacy at heart. Such a keen eye for detail and respect for the craft gives a great sense that there’s not only a great deal of delicate and impressive hardware at the centre of Moog’s products, but also a lot of respect and love.

And considering that there are so many people in love with the Moog name, such a fitting amount of respect is potentially the only thing that we’d want to see. Happy birthday to the legend.