Noel Gallagher checks cupboard for Oasis music and finds some Beatles covers

Even over a decade after their breakup, Noel Gallagher seems to be finding more and more Oasis music. Could it be a sign?

Oasis is a band largely defined by their early music, with their first two albums considered by far their best. As tensions rose between the Gallagher brothers, and the endless partying caught up with them, Liam Gallagher’s voice decayed and much of Noel Gallagher’s writing felt less inspired. Brotherly disputes seemed to have gotten in the way of more greatness, including what could have been a retrospective greatest hits album featuring covers of The Beatles and George Harrison.

Almost as much as they’re known for their sibling rivalry, the Oasis boys are known to be massive fans of The Beatles, with Liam Gallagher citing himself as John Lennon reincarnate. This, alongside their studio cover of I am the Walrus, indicate that the finding of lost tracks and Beatles covers should be of no surprise.

Gallagher Brothers
Photo: PA Images

Noel Gallagher reveals the story behind the lost tracks, revealing that they were of the same era as Don’t Stop, a recorded demo that was released midway through 2020, which was originally intended for release on an Oasis ‘best of the 2000s’ record. Turns out, there was quite a lot more where Don’t Stop came from. He told Record Collector magazine that:

“There was this box in the cupboard under the stairs with all these blank CDs in.

“I went, ‘Right, today I’m going to f****** take that’. I’m putting on these CDs and I found a load of old Oasis stuff, like songs I’d never recorded but demoed. I’m going, ‘No f****** way’.

“There’s a great version of ‘Eleanor Rigby’, a punk version, and an amazing version of ‘It’s All Too Much’ we did on the day George died. Johnny Marr’s on it. I’d forgotten all about it. It was just the backing track. Liam hadn’t gotten round to doing the vocals.”

While this might get Oasis fans pumped for some new music, 27 years after the band’s first album, and 12 years after their breakup, the mysterious lost tracks have been placed back under the stairs, to make way for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

Both Gallager brothers have enjoyed their own solo acts for some time now, but Liam Gallagher has continued to push for a reunion, even after stating that Noel Gallagher had turned down the offer of £100m. Noel has since responded, saying that he would indeed reunite for £100m, but doesn’t miss being on stage with his younger brother. Liam however remains optimistic that an Oasis reunion tour will go ahead, stating that he would “do it for free!”