Morrissey joined Twitter to whine about being tired

Morrissey, the mind behind The Smiths, has joined the Twitterverse.

For a man who has spent a good chunk of his life saying things he probably shouldn’t have said, it was probably for the best. Yet as The Smiths would agree, all good things come to an end.

morrissey the smiths twitter

After defying the Twitterverse for most of his career, The Smiths’ bandleader Morrissey has made an entry in the only way he knows how: with melancholy.

And here’s what old Mozza joined Twitter to say:

We’re guessing this is meant to herald some kind of single, tour, or other news, as it seems a little strange that he would have climbed such a huge mountain just to whine about being tired.

Actually you know what… that does sound like him.

Via Consequence of Sound.