‘Mrs. Claus’ is the most searched for Christmas character on Pornhub this December

Pornhub released data showing that grown-ups are just as excited about the festive season as everyone else.

The category itself, ‘most searched for Christmas character’, seems awfully specific and we’re wondering, what other Christmas characters would people even search for?

Well, there are actually a fair few festive searches that have come up in the past few years like ‘Santa’ (of course), ‘Elf’, ‘xxxmaxs’, ‘Christmas orgy’ and ‘elf hentai’. Some of them don’t sound too bad but we’re a little concerned about the elves.

Credit: Mean Girls

Either way, it is nice to see people getting into the spirit of the season.

According to Pornhub, searches for ‘Mrs. Claus’ are up 401% this Christmas.

If Santa doesn’t know who’s been naughty and nice this year we know a certain online streaming platform that may be able to help him out.