Pornhub 2021 Year in Review: Turns out people are still horny

Finally, the yearly review that really matters is here!

Pornhub announced the 2021 Year in Review results and some of them may shock you!

This year makes the 8th year in a row that Pornhub has released their annual insights because well, we sure do get a kick out of it.


In their announcement, the online free-streaming service adds a cheeky bit of flavour to each category with their own hot takes to tell us what people are getting off to and why.

This year, the category that scored number one as ‘The Search That Defined 2021’ was ‘Hentai’.

Usually, this category features searches that are heavily influenced by pop culture and world events so it seems in 2021, maybe people just got sick of seeing other people.

Pornhub reported that clinical psychologist and sex therapist Dr Laurie Betito said: “Cartoons are more fantastical than regular porn. They may offer more visual stimulation in terms of movements, angles, colors, and facial expressions. Because it’s not real, it can go further, with less constraints that reality offers. Hentai porn also tends to have more of a storyline and people seem to be more and more drawn to context.”

Amazingly enough, it is probably considered some of the most ethical porn there is so, kudos to you, ya horny devils.

Following just behind it was the category ‘Romance’. Now that was a surprise. Although, it has been a lonely couple of years.

Credit: Pornhub

As for who was the horniest in 2021? Once again, the United States had us all beat with the UK coming in as second place.

A few memorable moments in pop culture did make their way into the list as well, of course, as the world found themselves wanting to jerk off to Squid Game and The Simpsons. The Simpsons seem to be a timeless classic as the show stuck to the top of the chart as the ‘Most Searched TV Show’.

Odd choice but we’re not gonna yuck your yum.

See the full list of results here.