“The biggest celebrity sex tape of all time”: a tribute to ‘The Simpsons’ Pornhub parody

Move over Kim Kardashian, the biggest celebrity sex tape of all time was (obviously) made by Marge and Homer Simpson on Pornhub back in 2011, aka the peak of human civilisation.

When it comes to TV shows, it’s hard to go past The Simpsons. And when it comes to Pornhub parodies, the same answer applies.

Back in 2011, the (soon-to-be) longest-running scripted television show of all time received the prestigious honour of being adapted for the bedroom. And what an honour it was.

simpsons porn parody pornhub

You may have known that there was an Aladdin porn parody (Aladdick, anyone?) And you may even be aware that there is a Rick and Morty porn parody (Dick and Morty, say no more), but did you know that perhaps the greatest porn parody of all time – and at the very least, the juiciest celebrity sex tape of all time – was made back in 2011?

Sorry Kim Kardashian, we’re not talking about you. We’re talking about The Simpsons porn parody. Whilst this high-budget production bears no fancy name – the director decided to go for a plain and simple Simpsons: The XXX Parody (I admire their directness) – the no-frills title has literally no bearing on the content that follows.

Set in the intimate realms of Marge and Homer’s sex tape, the video begins with porn-Homer wielding a videocam, before quickly cutting to the star of the show (Marge, obviously). Everyone is painted yellow. There are cameos from Moe and Flanders, plus some other random characters I don’t even know. The whole thing is worth every precious second. There’s even a spider-pig reference.

Created by Full Spread Entertainment, the video advertises itself as “The biggest celebrity sex tape of all time,” promising that, “You’ve never seen sex this yellow.”

One Pornhub viewer eloquently summed up the whole thing when they wrote: “I can’t tell if I’m supposed to laugh or jackoff.” 

If you want to catch the parody in all its glory you can head over to Pornhub, but in the meantime, watch the trailer below.

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