Anonymous act REGI FLIH drops extraordinary RnB EP, 'Careless'

Anonymous act REGI FLIH drops extraordinary RnB EP, ‘Careless’

REGI FLIH is anonymous but undeniable. Careless, his first EP, details the journey of youthful recklessness with the slickest of RnB.

What do we know about REGI FLIH? Not much. The Australian-born Asian artist has kept his identity concealed, leaving us to explore his musical output from an outside perspective.

This only makes the personal musings in his work more enchanting, allowing listeners to attach their own experiences to the gorgeously spun tracks. Let’s run through the seven-track EP, and why REGI FLIH is an artist to keep both your eyes firmly fixed on.


Opener Dreaming is complete euphoria. Ponderous, echoed synths twirl around a patient rhythm section of thick bass and slickly produced beats. The instrumentation all exists to serve an arresting vocal performance, tonally similar to the chops of BROCKHAMPTOM’s Bearface.

“I know you’re thinking ’bout me” FLIH yearns in a high range, letting the vocal runs jump the fence. It’s an EP FLIH described as cycling through “heartaches”, showing “the things that evolved me into the person I am in this present moment”.

Reverb and atmosphere continue to be FLIH’s go-to tools in Falling, another intoxicating dose of sultry RnB and late-night fantasy. Slow, ironically, opts for a more upbeat rhythm, introducing curious piano to the soundscape. It also features one of the EP’s finest hooks, and believe me, the competition for this claim is fierce.

Feeling Some Way, a single off the project has already racked up 400,000 streams on Spotify. With its underwater-like production style, sturdy 808s, and dash of electric guitar, it’s undeniably on-trend. Then, comes the jazzier You Can Get It, split into two respective tracks.

It’s horny, groovy, and destined for the playlists of nightclubs that know their shit. Careless closes out with Slide, a trippy exhibition of synth-magic, unguarded honesty, and pop sensibility.

To be frank, I’m just thoroughly impressed with everything that’s being presented on this debut EP. If you love the bad-boy-brooding of The Weeknd, definitely add REGI FLIGH to your radar. He doesn’t miss.

Listen to Careless below: