An exclusive chat with Big Nick, the original International Man of Mystique

After a catastrophically odd evening for Big Nick, Happy chats with the International Man of Mystique to understand what went so wrong.

Sydney musician, T.Lopea leaves many questions unanswered in his latest music video See You Then, coming from his debut album International Man of Mystique, released earlier this year.

Whilst the track is swizzled with quirky riffs and a vibrant melody, the visuals featuring the International Man of Mystique himself – Greek Rockstar, Big Nick – arriving to a highly anticipated Sydney performance at the Opera House wearing sportswear. But crowds were left disappointed when Big Nick played nothing but a music box of sounds that were not his own.

Happy has a chat with Big Nick to get to the bottom of this scribbled mystique.


HAPPY: Hello there Big Nick! Firstly thank you for your time today!

BIG NICK: No problems my friend.

HAPPY: Tell us a bit about yourself and your style of music.

BIG NICK: I like to play the rock music that has strong emotions. If you play music with no emotions this is only sound. How you say… Vibrations! It’s only vibrations.

HAPPY: You were recently set to perform at the Sydney Opera House, but disaster struck…. what happened there?

BIG NICK: Airport and Opera House idiots don’t have my guitars only stupid box. I have nothing to play! I wind up little box but is not my music.

HAPPY: A witness mentioned that you were unable to find any of your belongings and were forced away, what went so wrong?

BIG NICK: I don’t have my clothes, my passport no nothing. Some other guy Tea Low Pea or something I have his things. Must be old man I don’t know.


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HAPPY: Do you have a message for your adoring fans who were left without a performance?

BIG NICK: Sorry I can’t play my music for you last night, I want to play but only thing I have is little box of nothing.

HAPPY: How would you describe your music to those who haven’t heard it before?

BIG NICK: It’s good, have a listen and see.

HAPPY: Can we expect another performance in Sydney? Whats in the future for Big Nick?

BIG NICK: I like it here it’s a nice place. Just some idiots losing my things but otherwise it’s OK. I want to play again for the fans, you know? They are good fans most of them, some ask for refund I tell them go talk to the airport and the opera house and get your refund from them they are idiots who fucked it up, not me.

HAPPY: Thank you!

BIG NICK: No problems my friend yia sou.


Check out T.Lopea’s visuals for, See You Then, featuring Big Nick’s catastrophic day below: