Simpsons fan? You’ve got to follow Scenic Simpsons, an Instagrammer hunting out the prettiest frames of the series

Addicted to The Simpsons as much as the rest of the world? Explore the oft-overlooked framed beauty of the series thanks to Instagram user Scenic Simpsons.

Scenic Simpsons could be our new favourite Instagram account, an anonymous character “Dedicated to showcasing the most beautiful scenes, colours, sets and abstract compositions from The Simpsons”.

In case you didn’t notice, we’re fans of The Simpsons. Matt Groening’s long-running animated masterpiece has inspired us plenty of times, from when we named our favourite songs of the series to that other time we sought band name inspiration in obscure characters.

‘Mother Simpson’ Season 7, Episode 8 _____ #scenicsimpsons #thesimpsons

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Take a look at some of our favourites below, and make sure you chuck Scenic Simpsons a follow. They post every other day, not to mention by now you have a pretty extensive back catalogue of tasty frames to go through.

Need some musical accompaniment? Jump into our definitive list of the best Simpsons songs of all time right here.

‘Rosebud’ Season 5, Episode 4 _____ #thesimpsons #scenicsimpsons

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‘Sideshow Bob Roberts’ Season 6, Episode 5 _____ #thesimpsons #simpsonsart #scenicsimpsons

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‘The Cartridge Family’ Season 9, Episode 5 _____ #scenicsimpsons #thesimpsons

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‘Bart on the Road’ Season 7, Episode 20 _____ #thesimpsons #simpsonsart #simpsonsclips #simpsonsdaily #thesimpsons

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