Mt Duneed Falls Festival field scattered with debris after punters leave unwanted camping gear and rubbish

After Falls Festival organisers pulled off an incredible feat last month to organise a new venue in a matter of days for the Lorne leg of the tour, it seems as though punters don’t know how to show their gratitude.

Mt Duneed

Festival attendees have come under fire after leaving a huge mess at the Mt Duneed festival location, where it appears numerous people have walked away from their dishevelled campsites and festival leftovers, leaving rubbish sprawled across the field.

Reported by The Geelong Advertiser, punters left items including tents, gazebos, mattresses, clothes and general waste, with a Geelong Sustainability Group member saying it was a“disgusting indictment of the disconnect people have with their environment”.

Camping Gear

Vicki Perrett, also a member of Geelong Sustainability said “People have moved heaven and earth to make this festival go ahead and it’s really such a shame people have responded in this way.”

Approximately 50 volunteers started picking up the pieces on Sunday afternoon, where they were set to the task of rubbish removal from trees, the side of the road and near-by dams, with the mess taking an estimated week to clean up.