Introducing MTG’s new Darling of the Masses card!

If you’re building a solid white and green deck, then you’re going to need the brand new Streets of New Capenna preview card, Darling of the Masses.

Welcome to the next Magic: the Gathering expansion bringing crime, corruption and class to the world’s oldest and best trading card game: Streets of New Capenna.

Moving on from Kamigawa, this is a city built by angels and run by demons; the new Art Deco noir metropolis of Capenna hosts a dark underbelly hidden by the glitz and glamour of so-called upper-class society.

Streets of New Capenna
Image: Streets of New Capenna / Wizards of the Coast

The five great crime families, The Obscura, The Maestros, The Riveteers, The Cabaretti, and The Brokers, vie for complete ownership of the tarnished city unbeknownst to the impending invasion before them.

It’s up to Planwalkers Elspeth and Vivien to keep the power-hungry crime families from destroying themselves while a more prominent threat knocks at the door.

Darling of the Masses Preview

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! It’s time to explore the new Darling of the Masses card for Streets of Capenna.

This card was beautifully designed by artist Mila Pesic who has previously worked on a number of cards for Magic: the Gathering.

Darling of the Masses is a creature card with an Elf Citizen subtype that requires two colourless mana, one green mana, and one white mana to cast. For those wanting specifics, the MTG card size is 88 mm by 63 mm. Fun facts!

The Darling of the Masses card has a power of two, a toughness of four, and when attacking, creates a 1/1 green and white Citizen creature token.

This card will be especially useful for White/Green decks that revolve around creating smaller tokens generating large boards sizes to overwhelm the opponent. How will you use this card to defeat the masses?

Magic: the Gathering‘s Streets of New Capenna brings 281 cards to the tabletop on April 29th. For more information, we’ve got you covered!