Mums Favourite launch their magnetic new single, ‘Jewellery Box’

Mums Favourite dishes up an atmospheric slice of blues-inflected rock in their brand new single, Jewellery Box.

Five-piece Adelaide band, Mums Favourite has just released their first single in over a year, Jewellery Box

Saturated in psychedelic swirls of reverb, the track is packed with dynamic swells from this powerful quintet.

Mums Favourite

There is no escaping the diamond-encrusted dream that is Mums Favourite, creating a tune around their progressive, empowering values of non-binary equality in the music industry. From the bass pumping out a heart-throbbing riff, to the elusive electric guitar — the group swims effortlessly in a glistening lake of jewels and we can’t help but dive in with them.

The track simply oozes in femininity, pressing on every inch of the skin as the lyrics sensually paint the portrait of a woman draped in ruby earrings and golden chains.

The chorus lingers, “Ask me about my diamond dream/promises wrapped ’round your wrist”. Underneath the sonic box of gems, lies a deeper cinematic burst of colour. It evokes a Western-style Bonnie and Clyde soundscape, replete with dark, romantic echoes.


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With honey-dripping vocals and a meticulous blend of instruments, the group is an emerging band that is impossible to overlook. Jewellery Box is a blues-infused lullaby that echoes long after its last beat.

Have a listen to the sensual track below, and catch Mums Favourite at their Crown and Anchor Hotel single launch this Saturday 5 June.