‘Fever Dream’ from The Heart Collectors embraces vulnerability at sunset

Folk outfit The Heart Collectors have crafted a delicate ballad that recognises the human healing process, filmed on the shores at sunset.

The Heart Collectors are a well-established four-piece in the folk scene. They’ve toured internationally, found their way onto intimate Spotify playlists, and recently joined the Folk Alliance International group.

Nearing the end of their 2019 USA tour, an unexpected ordeal came upon lead singer Kymrie. What happened to Kymrie was the catalyst for their most deep-seated song to date. That song is Fever Dream, and this is the story.

The Heart Collectors

Before leaving the US, Kymrie tragically caught a rampant strain of measles from New York City. The next 18 months for were convalescent, a trialling time for the band and her family. Over these months, Kymrie found solace in the piano, meditating over the keys as her body healed.

“The piano became my voice, and I would sit with it as a form of meditation and therapy”, the singer comments. The song that came from this time was Fever Dream, which, instead of revelling in pain and anguish, seeks out hope and healing.


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Soft keys open the track, with Kymrie’s soaring vocals front and centre, representing the vulnerability of the time. “Hold me close, don’t let me go, I’m falling” she sings. The song eventually gives way to beautiful, rich harmonies and striking piano chords.

The band compliment Kymrie’s song in a reserved matter, complimenting the story instead of distracting from it. The bowed strings were a particular highlight.

The Fever Dream music video showcases the band at an empty beach, looking out across the ocean. Hope is here, and the future remains bright for The Heart Collectors.

Listen to Fever Dream below: