Music to cook to: a flavoursome playlist by Melbourne’s Bollard

When we asked Melbourne post-punk heroes Bollard to put together a playlist, we honestly didn’t know what to expect. Given the ominous, anxious and immediate nature of their own music, our bets were on something pretty terrifying.

Turns out, we got the exact opposite – a wholesome playlist of the best music to cook to. Who knew Bollard had a culinary side? Given they just dropped their debut album TrawlersI suppose they’re riding high.

Good on them.

bollard music to cook to

Hungry? Dice up your favourite veggies and pre-heat the oven, because Bollard have dished out their 10 best songs to cook to.

MF Doom – Mm.. Food

Whether you’re baking some Kookies, whipping up a chilli Kon Karne or making some Deep Fried food with Frenz you can’t go past MF Doom’s second album Mm.. Food.

With frequent food metaphors used to expound lyrical themes and regular use of food-related sampling in the production, Mm.. Food ensures enjoyable preparation of a delicious degustation.

Black Cab – Good Drugs

Want to know the secret ingredient behind Bollard’s famous lobster soufflé? Good Drugs.

That’s right, chuck on the song Good Drugs while you’re whisking the roux and you’ll add an ominous sitar-driven flavour to your lobster soufflé, one that only Black Cab can provide.

Arlo Guthrie – Alice Restaurant Massacree

When cooking a stir-fry, a curry or any other Asian cuisine we let Alice’s Restaurant Massacree soundtrack the entire process. This makes for a more scrumptious meal because “you can get anything you want at Alice’s restaurant”.

PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

You’ve arrived home, with nothing in particular on the menu. Pull all the ingredients from your fridge and pantry, put them on the table and let PJ Harvey do the rest.

A perfect track to get experimental and whip up something that, with a lil’ bit of flavouring, will taste much better than the vegemite on toast you almost went with.

The Lemonheads – Rudderless

It’s Sunday. You’ve woken up late and pretty grim. Your housemate is tucking into some microwaved porridge, but you’ve got better ideas.

Get that water boiling, poach a couple of eggs, some sourdough bread in the toaster and in no time you’ll be singing along to Evan Dando’s catchy (and tautological) outro.

The Waifs – London Still

Try pairing with a tuna pasta fresh from the pot and a cup of mudara premium blend tea. Present at full volume. Serves 1.

Herbie Hancock- Vein Melter

You’ve had a big Sunday night, now it’s time for an early dinner. Here’s a great slow burner to get you through the prep for a lazy evening stew. Essential recovery music.

Pavement – Shady Lane

Brighten the Corners is a great album to cook to! More than enough spicy wordplay and jangly guitar music to whet the pre-dinner appetite.

Fazerdaze – Last to Sleep

Great breakfast track. Equal parts melancholic and energetic. In fact, the whole Fazerdaze album is a zesty treat to cook to (or do anything really).

Swans – Screenshot

A lamb roast is bubbling away in the over. Chuck the veggies in, sit back, and enjoy a wine to the driving percussion of Swans as everyone slowly fills the kitchen.


Listen to Bollard’s debut album Trawlers here, and catch them live at Bar Open in Fitzroy on May 25th.