Bollard’s new album Trawlers is an all-out barrage of intense post-punk

Bollard sound like the film score to an underground horror flick… you know, the type that can get really fucked up.

You spend the majority of your experience with it on the edge of your seat, muscles all tense, anxiously awaiting what debauched scene will come next. But you love every second of it.

Bollard are not here to comfort you. They’re here to hurl out mangled, gloomy, and ominous post-punk that’ll keep you up all night.

Made up of Tom Walsh, Luke Scott, Wes Faulkner and Benton Ching, Bollard are an all out assault of unsettling, yet addictive post-punk.

On their debut album Trawlers, Bollard maintain an intense level of suspense, as they tear through twisted, dark soundscapes.

Taking inspiration from post-punk heroes such as Sonic Youth and Gang Of Four, the Melbourne-based four-piece embrace the genre’s best qualities to deliver a sound that is uniquely their own.

The album’s opener Meningococcal is a terrifying slow-burner, anchored by a single bass line and driven by eerie, ominous vocals.

The track builds tension until it transitions into the equally abrasive and unpalatable Windows, an all-out barrage of chaotic noise.

Although extremely unsettling, Trawlers is a memorable album that will leave you always wanting more.

Do yourself a favour and listen to it above, and if you want to catch Bollard playing the new tracks live… scope out the details to their album launch below:

Friday May 25 – Bar Open, Fitzroy – RSVP