J-EL lifts the game with S.H.E, a fiery track coming to a festival near you

Dripping with a swagger so heavy I felt my earbuds heating up, J-EL has turned up the temperature on his newest single S.H.E. 

As the co-founder and premiere signee to cRUE Entertainment, J-EL has been lighting up the local festival scene with an incredibly danceable brand of stage-ready hip hopS.H.E is the latest output from the rapper and producer, another cut from his upcoming June project Let It Go.

j-el s.h.e crue entertainment

J-EL continues his fiery streak with S.H.E, a risqué hip hop track for a very, very special lady out there.

The track is built on a foundations of slow, measured beats from a Roland TR-808, the infamous drum machine which is evidently still shaping hip hop in 2018.

Crystalline synth chords complete the instrumental, leaving plenty of room in the mix for J-EL to spin his story.

S.H.E is his third single to date, following on from the hard-out Coming For Ya and the slinky See Me featuring LEON. Since starting out just last year, the rapper has played alongside Allday, Peking Duk and more at events like Who Said’s much-hyped warehouse tour and The Grass Is Greener.

J-EL is proving he’s more than just a debut single, releasing a series of bangers in what’s turning out to be one hell of a first year.

If you’re into S.H.E, look out for the music video coming next week.