Watch Gauci hit the studio for a live performance of Taking Over

When we first heard GAUCI’s latest single Taking Over last year, it immediately got stuck in our heads. And it stayed there for months.

It was at that moment we knew we had to get the band in the studio.

gauci taking over live at enmore audio happy mag

Watch GAUCI stop by the studio for a flawless live performance of their insanely catchy and danceable single Taking Over. 

With their live studio performance, GAUCI manage to maintain their signature slick sound, while adding a feeling of spontaneous charm. Mixing elements of disco, pop and post-punk, the band have undeniably become one of Sydney’s favourite acts.

Made up of Antonia Gauci, David Gauci, and Felix Lush, the three members all have built reputations as integral parts of the local scene.

Antonia has built herself as a top producer, working with such artists as DMA’s and Body Type, while Felix has established his own impressive solo project, and both David and Felix are part of the gloomy post-punk groups Publique and Death Bells.

Elements from all these projects are brought together to create an incredibly unique sound. Check it out for yourself below.

Special thanks to Gauci and Audio-Technica.