Fall deep into 'On Reflection', the debut single from folk songwriter Nadia Phillips

Fall deep into ‘On Reflection’, the debut single from folk songwriter Nadia Phillips

Tackling an eclectic area of influence with poise, the debut single from Nadia Phillips On Reflection is a testament to her rising talent.

The debut single often seems like an impossible task. How can you say everything you need to say about yourself in a few minutes, while leaving more left to discover? It’s a moment that can make or break every new artist, and today it’s Nadia Phillips’ turn.

On Reflection is the first ever offering from the 18-year-old songwriter, who has poured a love for early Radiohead and Sgt. Pepper era Beatles into an emotive, ruminative track.

Nadia Phillips On Reflection

Like many budding artists, Nadia Phillips turned to Soundcloud when she first began writing and recording her own music. Regularly posting her folky demos to a growing number of online fans, she refined her talents until she was ready to take the plunge and release her first ever official single.

And that worldliness is apparent. On Reflection showcases a talent beyond Phillips’ years; a knowledge of differing schools of music coalescing into a highly listenable yet interesting package. It’s a love song at heart (where many young artists go first), telling the spellbinding tale of one you’d sell the world for just one more moment with.


On Reflection is out now.