Nakey own apathy on their new track No Job

Christchurchian obscurity-submerged brit-pop alt rockers Nakey has been carving up a wee bit of buzz with the absurdly wonderful single No Job. Nakey is in fact Steven Marr, the boy half of electro-pop wiz kids Doprah! It’s an apathetic anthem detailing the glorious duplicity of sloth-like degeneracy. Obviously most of you can relate.


Apathy never sounded so damn good. If you’ve got the dough to spend hop over to Christchurch to catch indie slackers Nakey tear it up. Or just listen here.

Ambling through its simplistic midsection with hush-hush vocals that clearly channel Damon Albarn the song is complete with 2D-esque monkey chirps in the pre chorus and some haunting guitar twangs here and there. The other track on their super-secret soundcloud page is aptly titled OH YEAH, FUCK YEAH. The song is one that explores a chance meeting with a spectre-like drug monger (if you’re a meanie poo you would use the word addict) in an upbeat ditty positively crafted for triple J high rotation.

“Fell into the sea, sank down to the bottom, to be found by Christy Mcphee, searching through the net of some fishing guy for her LSD, 27 tabs and some peyote, she had PCP, that’s a lot of drugs Christy mcphee!” If you can imagine a drug addled gypsy playing blast beats on the drums after smoking PCP you are probably reading this while punching a cone and bludging the dole but that’s all cool, I’m sure you just giggled so hard that smoke came out of your nostrils.

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The delightful personality and contrast between the two songs suggests that Nakey have a lot of conceptual ideas up their sleeves. It will be interesting to see how these ideas play out over the span of the upcoming EP that the band has recently finished recording. If you like what you hear you can look forward to that, or if you live in Christchurch follow their socials to be kept up to date with the random smattering of shows that appear as Facebook events.

If you like the Gorillaz, The Delta Riggs and those weirdos in Step-Panther (you will get right into these two tracks from Nakey, before being utterly infuriated that there are only two tracks to listen to. Please take into account the additional frustration when considering the costs required to bust these motherfuckers out of New Zealand. I’m sure we’ll see them one day soon.



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