In a major discovery, NASA announces there is water on the Moon

NASA has revealed the detection of water on the Moon in a discovery which could prove crucial for space travel further into our solar system.

There’s nothing quite like the collective anticipation that arises when NASA tells the world they’re about to make an announcement – and last week was no different, with the space agency declaring that they would be revealing something exciting, come Monday.

Well, Monday came and the news is here: there’s water on the Moon. And apparently, there could be much more than previously hypothesised.

the moon nasa water

Two separate studies published yesterday in the Nature Astronomy journal pointed to the discovery, revealing that the water was found to be trapped on the Moon’s surface inside “glass beadlike structures”. 

As the moon lacks an atmosphere to protect it from the sun’s rays, it was previously believed any potential liquid would have evaporated – or else, if water was present, it would be frozen in deep, polar craters.

Yet contrary to this belief, the water was discovered near the Moon’s South Pole, in an area which is reached by the sun. This has led scientists to postulate that the presence of water may be much more widespread.

The discovery is particularly exciting because it fuels the notion that life could be established on the Moon. If a lunar base were built, the recently-discovered ice (which can be converted into rocket fuel) could be used to help space missions travel further into the reaches of the solar system.

NASA’s Moon rover, VIPER, which will be the first US-owned rover one to land on the Moon in 48 years, is currently set to land on the South Pole in late 2023 and will further investigate the presence of water.

In the meantime, Twitter has offered its thoughts.