Is that you, Van Gogh? NASA reveal their stunning, impressionistic new images of Jupiter

NASA’s Juno mission has allowed for unparalleled access and understanding of our biggest neighbour, the gas giant Jupiter. Since launching in 2011, the spacecraft has been our best ever source for amazing shots of the interplanetary behemoth, like the ones you see here.

Yet the latest are by far the most impressive. They show Jupiter in stunning detail, especially the swirling, Earth-sized storms which dot its vast surface.

jupiter close up nasa juno vincent van gogh

Van Gogh’s Starry Night lives on in the latest images of Jupiter. Captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft, you’ll become lost in the immense vortexes found within.

The planet’s gaseous landscape is what gives it such an aqueous-looking surface. It’s an atmosphere ruled by storms beyond our comprehension; cold, gale-force currents of water and ammonia.

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Via Colossal/NASA.