Navvy’s debut single Subliminal serves euphoric pop and heartfelt declarations

Set against a dance-pop backbeat, Navvy’s debut single Subliminal is a statement of intent: lamenting a break up in rich synths and a commanding vocal performance.

Subliminal centres on heartfelt declarations, but delivers euphoric melodies and compelling rhythms. As an entry point, it’s a sophisticated take on synth-pop and vocal electronica, which will without a doubt cement Navvy’s position as an up-and-comer in New Zealand’s pop scene.

Sublimanal is a fitting debut for Navvy, enveloping a full-throttle statement of intent in euphoric, synthy pop. As an emerging talent in New Zealand’s pop scene, Navvy is a force.

Navvy, known better to her friends as Phoebe Lee Jasper, said the project is an exploration of changing gears, and self-acceptance. “I think Navvy is about losing inhibition and being exactly who you want to be without question.”

“I was broken up with recently, and through that, I really found who I am without someone else. That has been amazing. I want that girl to make music, and I want people to see her.”

Born and raised in Auckland, Navvy’s love affair with pop started while she was studying at university. It was an unexpected turn in her musical career, but one that’s grown to deliver an edgy brand of pop the mirrors the emotional sounds of La Roux and Robyn.

“I learned everything I know about songwriting from that degree,” she says. “I also made some of my best friends I have ever had, who are now my writing team.”

You can listen to Subliminal here: