Neil Young pens letter endorsing Bernie Sanders, calls democracy “broken”

In a letter published on his website, Neil Young has endorsed Democratic political candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Taking to the Neil Young Archives, the singer expressed the reasons behind his support for Sanders, as well as his opinion that the entire democratic system is in need of “big change”.

neil young, bernie sanders

Neil Young has written a new letter professing his support for Bernie Sanders and his belief that “democracy is in deep trouble“.

“I support Bernie because I listen to what he says,” Young described in the letter. “Every point he makes is what I believe in. Every one.

“In 2016, if Bernie had run instead of Hillary Clinton, I think we would not have the incompetent mess we have now.” 

Young continued on to accuse the Democratic Party of “pulling every political string” in order to prevent Sanders from becoming the presidential candidate, declaring that he would now be registering Independent.

“As a new citizen, I was excited to register to vote,” Young continued. “Outside the courthouse, after I was naturalized (funny word for it), there was a Democrat Party Registration booth. I registered. My first error as a U.S. citizen will be corrected now.”

Young then turned his attention to the entire system:

“I think Democracy is in deep trouble. The solution is big CHANGE. Are you scared of Change?” He asserted. “I believe that in these times Democratic Socialism is good for American workers and students. It’s certainly not Communism. It’s the future for the working class.

“The USA is broken, as is our sacred Democracy temporarily broken. Search for Truth. We already have socialism in the USA bailing out Wall Street and the super rich. How about the working class and the students who want a real future without debt?”

Young also called for “loyal Trump supporters” to write to the Neil Young Archives: “We will print that. We want to know about the positive side of supporting Trump.” 

The letter follows on from an angry open letter Young wrote last month to Trump.

Elsewhere, the musician took aim at Facebook, asserting it’s “full of bots and trolls”.

“[Facebook] is not America. Forget social media,” he contined. “Ignore it and replace it with truth. I don’t believe the Facebook social media cesspool of lies, disinformation from other counties and misleading comments.”

Concluding the letter, Young wrote: “Stand with Bernie Sanders.”

Stand for the workers, stand for the teachers, stand for the students, stand up for Climate Justice. Stand for higher taxes on the super-rich to pay for all love the above! Stand for the American Future.”

Read the letter in its entirety here.