Check out these mind-blowing photos from The Perfect Moment Contest

Check out these mind-blowing photos from The Perfect Moment Contest

Last year, Our World in Focus announced The Perfect Moment Contest – a competition which focused on just that.

The inaugural year saw entries from over 50 countries, and the results are remarkable, to say the least. Check out the winners, plus some honourable mentions, below.

The inaugural Perfect Moment Contest attracted photos from over 50 countries, each capturing some extraordinary, yet fleeting moment in everyday life.

Speaking on the contest, Our World in Focus wrote: “We were astounded by the variety, ingenuity and quality of entries in this year’s contest. Open to all genres, we were pleased to see images of landscapes, people, wildlife and more.”

Our World in Focus is a platform which hosts photography competitions featuring great prizes at a low entry cost.

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“The beauty of photography is that the ‘perfect moment’ has a different meaning for each and every photographer,” the contest described. “We want to see your definition, we want to see the world through your lens.” 

Check out the winners below.

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Grand Prize Winner: The Perfect Fear by Francisco Negroni. “The picture shows a perfect “dirty storm”; the most violent moment during the eruption of the Calbuco volcano in Chile. (“Dirty storm” is the scientific term given to the incredible phenomenon that occurs in some eruption where the force of the elements thrown from the bottom of the volcano collide on the outside causing positive and negative charges which produce lightning.) The eruption of the Calbuco volcano and its violent eruption caused fear in many sectors near the volcano, forcing the evacuation of more than 3,000 people. The Calbuco volcano is on the list of the most dangerous volcanoes in Chile.”
2nd Place Winner: Eye to Eye by Bence Mate. “A green-crowned brilliant hummingbird goes eye to eye with a green pit viper. Although the viper does not present direct danger to the bird, it is a threat to its nestlings, so the hummingbird draws attention to the danger by fierce squeaking sounds and dancing around the predator.”
3rd Place Winner: Showtime by Bence Mate. “Droplets of water form a triangle as the cormorant shakes its wings. I was very sad when I thought this image had been lost forever, but thankfully it turned up again after a month. Cataloging photos properly is an important part of photography.”
4th Place Winner: Nebulus by Brandon Yoshizawa. “A once in a lifetime shot for me capturing a SpaceX rocket launch over Aspendell, CA. I wasn’t fully aware if I would even be able to witness the launch due to the elevation I was at along with launch delays that can happen for a variety of factors. Luckily, it was a right place right time moment and I was able to witness one of the most spectacular events that I have ever seen. The light is from the setting sun hitting the rocket’s exhaust plume. This shot is from when the first and second stage boosters separated and the exhaust almost took on the form of a deep space object. While it may seem somewhat of a juxtaposition pairing a human invented rocket launch with a natural landscape of colorful fall aspen trees and the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountain range, the pairing couldn’t have been more perfect.”
5th Place Winner: Pasarela by Eliseo Miciu Nicolaevici. “Little lamb crossing a bridge.”
Honourable Mentions: Showtime by Hasan Baglar.
Honourable Mentions: Whale Shark Encounter by Marco Zaffignani.
Honourable Mentions: The Best Friend by Andi Abdul Halil.
Honourable Mentions: Dandelion by Bence Mate.