Funk, disco, and psych-rock make love on Neon Tetra’s new single Used To Be

Soulfully blending rock, funk and disco, Neon Tetra have carved out a sound not quite like any other with their latest single Used To Be. 

The Adelaide 5-piece have developed into a confident groove machine both live and in the studio, and Used To Be perfectly captures this.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Robbie Williams, Foreigner, and Cheap Trick, Neon Tetra are quickly making a lasting name for themselves.

With the release of their infectious EP Pollen, Neon Tetra have been emboldening listeners with excitement and energy. The crystal clear vocals and smooth synth lines land them somewhere in the ballpark between Tame Impala and David Bowie, using witty lyrics to tell interesting, relatable and, most importantly, danceable stories.

Their latest psych-rock belter Used To Be is a riff-driven, groove-laden number, blazing a trail from one ear to the other. Untamed by genre specifics and never inclined to limit experimentation, Neon Tetra have waded beyond the calm waters of Motown and into the rapids of 80’s inspired, synth-swirling, distortion-filled rock.

The sex-infused pipes of Josh Allen detail the story of a macho man, with a shirt “popping like Stallone” and a “head hollow as a drum,” and how this individual reflects the man he used to be. The witty descriptions of a private school, privileged prefect soar as Allen floats through some stunning falsettos.

The track pops off with a huge saxophone solo sailing atop the dream-pop synths. It’s a perfect blend of dance juice and well-written lyricism.

To celebrate the release of Used To Be, Neon Tetra have lined up a string of live dates, and we strongly recommend you head along.

30th March – Rocket Bar & Rooftop, Adelaide
12th April – Botany View Hotel, Sydney
13th April – Rad Bar, Wollongong
19th April – Unearth Festival, Whyalla
25th April – Bar Open, Melbourne

More info here.