New documentary explores why Melbourne has one of the best music scenes in the world

A duo of filmmakers is putting together a documentary on Melbourne’s thriving indie music scene, and what sets the city apart from the rest of Australia and the world.

Titled Now Sound, the doco is a personal exploration of Melbourne’s cultural fertility, explored through dozens of interviews with artists, organisations and record labels.

now sound
Amyl and the Sniffers at Gizzfest by Dani Hansen

A new documentary is set to explore why Melbourne is one of the best cultural capitals in the world. Check out the trailer below.

Directed by Tobias Willis and produced by Marcus Rimondini, the doco is a snapshot of one of the most exciting cultural capitals in the world. “We want to capture this special time for Melbourne music and explore what makes this city such fertile ground for excellent independent music,” reads the documentary’s Pozible campaign.

However, the filmmakers assure the documentary isn’t just an ode to Melbourne. “The film explores relevant topics within the music industry and the importance and power of grass roots ideas filtering up into the wider industry,” they say.

The documentary explores how Melbourne blossomed after the 2010 Slam Rally, how to survive as an independent label, the importance of community radio, those working hard on improving gender equality, the emergence of fantastic LGQBTIA artists, our niche small festival culture and many other interesting topics throughout 2016-2017.”

Currently, Now Sound is in its final stages of production, hence the Pozible campaign. It has been mostly self-funded minus a grant from Creative Victoria in mid-2017, which helped the filmmakers complete the first edit of the film. But they’re in need of a leg-up to get it across the line. They hope to enter it into the Melbourne International Film Festival in March.

Have a look at the trailer for the film below, and check out the Pozible page here.