This photographer is taking colourful portraits of rescue pups in hope they’ll get adopted

Dogs are pretty distracting, right?

When photographer Paul Octavious was on a shoot for a NBC TV show, his brief was to photograph the characters under vibrant, colourful lights while they were holding a bunch of rescue dogs. But, as he told Colossal, eventually his lens fell to the dogs themselves.

rescue pups

Chicago-based photographer Paul Octavious is taking colourful portraits of rescue pups in hope that they will get adopted. See some of his adorable shots below.

He loved the way they looked under the multi-coloured lights so much he started photographing them on their own. And thus the ResHue Dog series was born.

All of the animals he snaps are up for adoption from PAWS in Chicago, the largest no-kill animal shelter in the city. He hopes that by taking portraits of them, he might be able to help them find new homes.

You can keep up to date with the series on Paul’s Instagram. And check out the adorable rescue pups below.

Reshue DogsReshue DogsReshue DogsReshue DogsReshue Dogs

[via Colossal]