New kids on the block Top Lip are delivering some top-notch dreamy rock

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It’s that time of year when uni students start regretting all their summer decisions and crawl back into the dreaded lecture halls. Beaches seem further away. Drinks don’t taste the same as before. Somehow already behind two weeks and getting back into the pattern of missing classes. Never fear, Top Lip, with their effortlessly cool and catchy music, will keep you company on the 6am bus route, while you wish for dreamy summer days.

top lip introduction

​Balancing the scales between sweltering soul and alt-rock, Top Lip are steadily developing some seriously soothing vibes, much alike their debut track’s namesake.

Strepsils are addictive when you have a cold and are even more compelling in song form. Leaving you wanting more the band’s psych-soaked debut track leaves your upper lip feeling fuzzy and hand shaky ready to press repeat. Drowsy yet full of melody and delicate riffs, the flowy track employs a laid back jangle to let the guitars and drums lead the way.

“We’ve all been friends and been playing music for different things for a while and realised hanging out with each other was way more fun,” says vocalist Eddie Kemp. The long-haired Sydney pals Eddie (Guitar/vocals), Jay (Bass), and Brenny (Drums) makeup the stoner rock trio. Influences are all over the place, they state anything from The Beatles, The Stone Roses, The Clash, The Smiths.

People have different interpretations of Strepsils, which is the cool thing about it. But I guess at the heart of the song there’s the desire and longing for one’s vices,” says Eddie. “It’s a nice little balance between a dreamy psych and rock,” he adds, reflecting on the debut’s sound.

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Recently supporting jangle rock Aussie luminaries Moses Gunn Collective at Plan B Small Club, the Lippies (I’m obsessed with this band’s epithet) revealed that they have a bunch of new tunes in the works too: “[The show] was good fun! Loved playing new songs in front of a bunch of people and the MGC were really cool guys who put on a crazy good show.”

The band are busy scrappers, keeping themselves occupied with an impressive array of creative endeavors: “Other than playing music we are either at uni studying film and sound or working jobs to cover the costs of trying to play music.” We feel your pain dudes.

Top Lip are hitting up Newtown Hotel with Hey Geronimo and Wasters, Saturday the 27th of Feb. Get down and buy them a beer. It sounds like they need it.