New one-off Public Holiday announced for Queens Memorial

New one-off Public Holiday announced for Queens Memorial

Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese has announced Australia is to have a one-off public holiday to mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Australians love a public holiday, although this one may hit a little differently, given we are all coming out from under the somber tone that had fallen over the Country as we mourn the loss of our beloved Queen Elizabeth 11.

PM Albanese spoke to ABC’s Insiders on Sunday morning, and confirmed that Thursday 22 September, would be a national public holiday. “It will be a one-off national public holiday to allow people to pay their respects for the passing of Queen Elizabeth,” 

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The PM hit back at those that object to the short notice of the public holiday, saying all Australians should have the opportunity to mourn the monarch’s death “in their own way”.

“I spoke to all premiers and chief ministers yesterday and I’m writing to them formally this morning, they will have received their letters by now. They have all agreed that it’s appropriate that it be a one-off national public holiday.”

The day of mourning will include a ceremony in Canberra and be held after The Queen’s funeral in London, on the 19th of September.

The day off is significant for Victorians, as they get to enjoy a four-day weekend, as the Friday before the AFL grand final is also a public holiday. 

The break on September 22 is already proving to be a major win for holiday locations and caravan parks which have seen a dramatic increase in bookings. 

As for the public holiday which marks the Queen’s Birthday in June (New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT, South Australia and the Northern Territory) September in Queensland, and in October in Western Australia. Experts all seem to agree that because it doesn’t fall on her actual birthday, and is celebrated at different times throughout the year depending on which State you live in, chances are it will stay the same, the title will just be changed to the Kings Birthday.