New study reveals how many people have been sleeping on the job during lockdown

I’m sure we can all admit to a little bit of slacking off at work, even if it’s just a quick glance at your phone.

Napping though? That’s a real guilty pleasure. Now, we’ve just found out how common it really is when working from home in lockdown.

Sleeping at work
Photo – Eric Audras/Getty Images

A career resource website named Zippia.com surveyed 2000 US employees on their working from home habits, and there’s been some sleeping around.

In this age of coronavirus, people tend to be dozing off just a little bit more. Hell, people are even having weirder dreams. But there is a time and a place for sleeping, and it turns out that time and place is when you’re working from home.

In Zippia’s six-question work survey, there were some pretty interesting and all be it, funny discoveries. Here’s some quick-fire finds:

  1. ‘33% of workers admit to napping on the clock’
  2. ‘15%’ of nappers sleep right at there desk, but 37% opt for the bed’

…and finally, my personal favourite

3.   ‘1 in 3 nappers live dangerously and don’t set an alarm’

Turns out that when the boss isn’t around and you’re working next to your bed, the temptation for some extra z’s can really be too much to resist. The 2000 people surveyed also gave their favourite non-work activities during work hours. Have a guess for the top spot. If you guessed social media, you nailed it. Over 50% of respondents put this as their number one. One the bright side, sometimes naps can potentially increase your productivity. Studies show that for every 52 minutes of work, take a 17-minute break to be more productive”. Just don’t forget to set an alarm.