Yeah, Post Malone is selling Rosé now

To be honest, Post Malone has some serious talent. Did you catch his live-streamed Nirvana tribute concert? 

However, most of the time, the global superstar simply dishes out some basic af, sugary-sweet hip hop. He’s now brought us a sugar-sweet wine to match.

Post Malone wine
Photo – @maison9wine

Rap-pop success story Post Malone has debuted a French Rosé dubbed Maison No. 9, co-created alongside New York nightclub owner James Morrissey.

According to Post Malone, or Austin Post, if we’re being formal, he’s been thinking about doing my own wine for a while”. I mean, it’s not a huge surprise. We know he’s quite the drinker from the onslaught of Bud Light advertisements and sponsorships. Anyway, this time the rapper is going a bit more classy. Rosé classy. If the wine is anything like his songs though, the drink might end up being a universally appealing sugar mixture without much depth. But let’s remain optimistic, for now. He’s teamed up with James Morrissey and professional oenologist Alexis Cornu, so the wine might pair nicely with our remaining weeks in isolation.

Let’s discuss the wine name, Maison No. 9. Maison is French for ‘house’, so the name for the wine isn’t as fancy as you might have thought. Market testing has most-likely revealed that us suckers believe all French language is elegant and snazzy. They’re probably right. Why number 9 though? There’s no clues or anything in the press release, although it does state that  Posty’s favourite tarot card is the nine of swords.

The wine should be coming out sometime in June, in 750mL, 1.5mL and 3L bottles. Let’s hope it’s one for the shelves like Post says it is. Maison No.9 goes down smooth, and you’re all going to love it!”