Next level doodling: New York artist creates shockingly realistic works of art with just a ballpoint pen

Nicolas V. Sanchez is the artist that’s taking New York by storm, breaking away from society’s conventions one ballpoint pen at a time. 

Remember the kid in your class who couldn’t stop doodling? Nicolas V. Sanchez is that kid now, and his ballpoint pen drawings are next level.

Detail and accuracy don’t stray far from Sanchez’s work, where he creates some extremely complex drawings using nothing but a few ballpoint pens and a sketchbook. The masterpieces Sanchez creates in his passport-sized note book are completely and utterly jaw-dropping.

The portraits are so lifelike thanks to his very precise shading, that it almost seems improbable. Highlighting and shading in a way that makes his work appear three-dimensional, the images almost look as though they could be photographs or physical objects, capable of being touched or held.

Sanchez is a man of many talents, who is also know for his oil painting work where he uses a canvas or linen to blur familial scenes. You can see more of his amazing works for yourself here.


Via Colossal.