Nick Cave weighs in on ANTIFA, organised religion, and ‘woke culture’

Nick Cave has recently given his own opinion on the apparent truth of woke culture in a lengthy post on his personal blog, The Red Hand Files

In an extensive response to a fan regarding his own opinion on the virtuosity of woke culture, Nick Cave outlines the self-conflicting and sometimes troublesome nature of wokeness.

Cave explains in his lengthy post that although wokeness holds intrinsically righteous social values, its often single-perspective rhetoric on social justice issues condemns itself to stagnation. As an incredibly dynamic and a multi-talented songwriter Cave affirms the values of transitory opinion, neutrality, and enquiry, which have all been fundamental to the introspective nature of Cave’s self-inquiring lyricism.

For Cave, “[these are the reasons] I tend to become uncomfortable around all ideologies that brand themselves as ‘the truth’ or ‘the way.’”

In a thoughtful explanation which many might consider to be ‘woke’ in itself, Cave suggested that the extreme polarisation of views between the left and right is exactly the reason for their ongoing prevalence and therefore conflictive discourse. Within this polarisation, Cave affirms, that social tension is created and fed “entirely by the blind, inflexible convictions of each other’s belief systems”.

Cave also discloses that he is not against the passionate convictions of others: “Conviction and anger can be the most powerful expressions of universal love. However, my duty as a songwriter is not to try to save the world, but rather to save the soul of the world.” he said. The answers to the secrets of the heart may just be there, in the inscrutable dark of the forest, in the unfathomable depths of the sea, at the uncertain tips of our fingers.”

Nick Cave who has recently released his 17th studio-album alongside his band as Nick Cave and the Bad Seedsis currently touring across North America as part of a series of intimate Q&A sessions called The Conversations Tour. The tour is supposedly a way to maintain a discourse with fans of the love rock legend who has for a long time valued the input and inquiry of his curious fans.

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