Nikon gives photography prize to most obvious photoshop ever

When it comes to quality photography, a brand like Nikon is one that has earned a fair bit of trust after their many years in the business. Which makes this mistake particularly embarrassing. Nikon recently awarded Chay Yu Wei a prize pack for managing to capture a plane in mid air, in what is clearly a photoshopped picture. Really, that’s it below.

nikon award fail

If you’re viewing the picture on a big enough screen, you can plainly see the photograph that Yu Wei happened to stumble upon has been painfully photoshopped, and yet the good people at Nikon didn’t pick up on it. As the folk at Bored Panda point out, if you open the image in Photoshop and change the levels it quickly becomes clear the image has been doctored. When asked online how long he had to wait to get the picture, Yu Wei replied “Not too long! I was lucky! Thank you so much!”

nikon priz fail

Maybe he forgot that the internet existed, and it is a place of hardened, suspicious folk who eat bullshit for breakfast. The response to the prize has been swift, and it has been sweet.











After having the obvious photoshop being made aware to them, Nikon replied with a very fluffy statement;”“At Nikon, we believe that innovation and imagination are at the heart of every image. While innovation is driven by the technological advances in our devices and cameras, we see imagination as the ability to see greatness and use each and every tool at your disposal to make them real.

NikonCaptures is a casual photography contest that focuses not on the devices or props you use, but on the imagination and creativity that each photographer exudes while capturing and sharing their images. We have taken in every feedback received, and we sincerely apologise for the oversight on our part. We are now in the process of carefully revisiting the contest’s rules and regulations, for the benefit of all our current NikonCaptures members. We will update everyone of the contest rules once we have revisited all of them.

At the same time, we welcome the funny and witty entries being shared in response to our recently awarded image. It’s with joy that we acknowledge that the global photography and image community is alive and thriving. We thank you for the numerous spontaneous contributions and encourage everyone to keep the imagination alive.”

TL:DR :We fucked this up and someone is going to be fired. Please buy our stuff pls.

Well done Nikon, you are truly a master of your field.


First seen on Bored Panda.