Ninja Bandicoots and Turbo-Charged Wombats, Why We Can’t Sleep and more – Happy’s Weekend Reading

The new year has brought us a selection of brilliant new reads. Ninja Bandicoots and Turbo-Charged Wombats invites children into the world of Australia’s loveable and rare creatures (with proceeds contributing to a good cause) and Why We Can’t Sleep is an exploration of the malaise that afflicts the generation of women who were raised to have it all.

Incidental Inventions is a collection of short pieces from the famously reclusive Elena Ferrante, Scott Grafton’s Physical Intelligence will have you listening to your body in a whole new way and the possibility of a long lost love reconnected is explored in Mix Tape. Let’s dive into the selection. Ninja Bandicoots and Turbo-Charged Wombats

Why We Can’t Sleep, Incidental Inventions, Physical Intelligence, Mix Tape and Ninja Bandicoots and Turbo-Charged Wombats are on the reading list this weekend.

Ninja Bandicoots and Turbo-Charged Wombats by Hazel Flynn

In this book, kids learn all about the secret life of Australian native animals, offering up practical advice on how youngsters can protect endangered species. Importantly, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Zoos Victoria Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund. All the details are available at Black Inc. 

Why We Can’t Sleep by Ada Calhoun

When faced with her own midlife crisis, author Ada Calhoun sought answers by interviewing women across the United States about their existential concerns. The result is an empowering read for Gen X women, as well as future generations. Via TextWhy We Can't Sleep

Incidental Inventions by Elena Ferrante

The result of a year-long engagement with The Guardian, Incidental Inventions is a collection of short pieces that range from the personal to the political. It also provides valuable insight into the craft one of the world’s great contemporary authors. More at New South BooksIncidental Inventions

Physical Intelligence by Scott Grafton

Grafton’s book gets to the very essence of how we physically interact with our world. The neuroscientist explores the reasons why – and how- the human body has developed a mind of its own. More details available at Hachette

Mix Tape by Jane Sanderson

Who hasn’t made a mixtape in the throes of teen romance? This unashamedly romantic tale questions the accepted notion that the past is the past and is especially poignant if those who believe in the power of music. For more, visit PenguinMix Tape