Happy Mag’s annual Needle In The Hay competition just hit a new high with the addition of three Colortone Pedals up for grabs

Calling all tone benders and sound sculptors, not one, but three Colortone Pedals are among the prizes up for grabs, in our NITH comp

Our annual Needle in the Hay competition just got sweeter with the addition of three phenomenal pedals from Colortone Pedals, crafted with love right here in Sydney!

Handmade with brilliant perfection, these boutique beauties add a touch of magic to any rig. Without further ado, let us introduce you to the three pedals you could win in our annual Needle In The Hay Comp.

roundhouse colortone nith prize

The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse, a multimode tremolo pedal, steals the show with three switchable types of modulation: optical tremolo, harmonic tremolo, and vibrato. The wave shape switch offers options like triangle, sine, and square, catering to everything from classic tremolo to a cutting on/off effect.

The harmonic tremolo setting, in particular, stands out with its captivating phase-shifting modulation. Hold down the Tap footswitch, and the tremolo accelerates gradually, mimicking a rotary speaker’s speed-up effect.

This feature adds an intuitive layer for creating swirling builds and seamless transitions. The Lo-Fi distortion from cranking up the grain knob adds a touch of vintage character, making the Roundhouse a versatile and standout pedal.

lofi delay colortone nith prize

The Lo-Fi Delay

The Lo-Fi Delay, pedal offers grainy, tape-style repeats with three distinctive algorithms. Whether you prefer hi-fidelity repeats, dark low-passed tones, or vintage tape-style echoes, the Lo-Fi Delay delivers.

Activating a second layer with the splash footswitch introduces a massive swirling feedback delay, perfect for organic transitions during live performances.

Switching to ‘dry’ mode turns the Lo-Fi Delay into a spot effect, engaging the delay only when holding the splash button.

With the ability to alter the delay speed on the fly, this pedal provides a dynamic and creative tool for guitarists seeking unique sonic landscapes.

colortone nith prize spring reverb

The Spring Reverb II

The Spring Reverb II, designed to sit at the end of your pedal chain, offers three reverb algorithms: Echoverb, Studio, and Tank.

The mod function introduces subtle vibrato and rototrem modulation, adding a layer of depth to your sound. While the second layer of controls requires a bit of exploration, the USB port on the side hints at future possibilities, including additional algorithms and custom requests.

The pedals come with a well-crafted and intuitive user guide, ensuring that even the deepest features are accessible to all.

Ready to make your rig sing? Enter the Needle in the Hay competition here for a chance to win these coveted Colortone gems!

Find out more about Colortone Pedals here, and head here for an in depth review of the Roundhouse tremolo, the Lo-Fi Delay, and the Spring Reverb II.


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