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Harmony Amplified: ELFA Joins Happy Mags NITH as Prize Partner

You know their name, now let’s get to know them a little better: ELFA the legends who bring AKAI to the masses

In the ever-evolving world of music, a breakthrough moment can set an artist’s course ablaze. Enter Needle In The Hay, an annual musical showdown brought to you by Happy Mag, swooping in just when our Aussie and Kiwi musicians could use a nudge.

With a staggering prize pool north of $30,000, offering up everything from sweet vinyl pressings to top-tier recording gear and premium plug-in packages. It’s like a dreamy toolkit, tailor-made to give artists that extra oomph their projects hunger for.

MPK mini Play mk3

Now, let’s talk about the heart of this music comp –  we couldn’t do any of this without our Prize partners, the generous crew who are gearing up to make all of your musical dreams come true.

Electric Factory Pty Ltd (ELFA), the wizards who champion AKAI synths among other products that we rely on the daily. But let’s flashback to the ’70s in Melbourne’s lively northern neighborhoods. ELFA started crafting Guitar and PA Amplifiers, along with Speaker Cabinets, and their gear adorned with the iconic “ELFA” logo ruled the Australian music scene till the early ’80s.

But as the late ’70s and early ’80s rolled around, ELFA took a pivot. And because change be always changing, they shifted gears towards importing and distributing international musical instruments and related gear. It wasn’t just growth; it was a sonic revolution. For that, we thank you ELFA, for bringing us what we as musicians so sorely needed.


Fast forward to today, and ELFA stands tall in the musical realm, holding down a massive distribution hub in Thomastown, Victoria. With a tight-knit crew of around 25 music enthusiasts, they’re the engines driving the distribution of over 35 international brands, showing an unwavering love for all things musical.

ELFA isn’t just a company; it’s a vital note in countless musical journeys. So as the Needle In The Hay competition steps into the spotlight, remember, it’s ELFA’s unwavering support that’s making it all happen.

If you’re a budding artist, don’t miss out on this musical shindig.  check out  some ELFA AKAI goodness here, and send your tune over to Needle In The Hay, and who knows, it might just be ELFA’s synths that sprinkle the magic on your masterpiece.