'No Man's Sky' grows even richer with their biggest update yet - Clocked

‘No Man’s Sky’ grows even richer with their biggest update yet

Update 3.0 ‘Origins’ for Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky will inject a whole heap of new content into the already sprawling, spaced-based exploration game.

Hello Games is showing no signs of slowing down its busy development schedule. With their recent release of The Last Campfire and the announcement that they’re working on a new “huge, ambitious game”, you would think the studio would at least ease off its updates for the popular No Man’s Sky. Not so, it seems.

Today’s ‘Origins’ update is massive, continuing the game’s transformation from the disappointing mess that it was at launch to the majestic star-trekking adventure that fans had always yearned for.

No Man's Sky Richer Diversity

Included among the added and improved features are new planets, binary and trinary star systems, meteors, swamp, and marsh biomes, volcanoes, firestorms, lightning and tornadoes, enormous ‘archive’ buildings containing alien civilisations’ stories and histories, and dangerous ‘anomalous’ lifeforms.

Players will benefit from updates to the game’s menu and user interface, improved teleporters, new cloud and weather effects, a greater variety of flora and fauna including giant sand worms, insects, and synthetic creatures, a photo mode, new lighting conditions, and a wide range of bug fixes.

It seems there’s never been a better time to join the already sizeable community of No Man’s Sky. The full list of patch notes can be found right here.