The ‘No Man’s Sky’ next-gen upgrade looks gorgeous

No Man’s Sky is looking better than ever thanks to an update that brings the sprawling space exploration game to next-gen consoles.

Hello Games continues to knock it out of the park with free updates for its flagship title No Man’s Sky. Its previous update added in a heap of new content, including types of star systems, biomes, and environmental effects.

Now, players will be able to enjoy it all on their shiny new next-gen consoles, this free upgrade bringing the game to the PlayStation 5 plus the Xbox Series X and S.

No Man's Sky Next Gen Alien Forest

Update 3.10 will take full advantage of the increased power of next-gen, making environments more richly detailed with improved textures, geometry, and more abundant terrain features such a grasses, flowers, rocks, and fungi.

Base building will be bigger and better, too, as bases will be free to grow larger and more complex than ever before.

No Man's Sky Next Gen Arctic Forest

Players will be able to import their save data from current-gen versions of the game, and enjoy their shiny next-gen version of No Man’s Sky with up to 32 players in multiplayer.

PlayStation Virtual Reality owners will be pleased to know that the PS5 upgrade will continue to be compatible thanks to the backwards-compatibility functionality.

No Man's Sky Next Gen 32 player

With the game’s shaky launch disappearing further and further into distant memory, fans of the game have been delighted by the continued care and attention that Hello Games has showed No Man’s Sky.

For those interested in the nitty-gritty details, the full patch notes are available right here.