'No Man's Sky' adds fully-functional pets in unexpected, adorable free update

‘No Man’s Sky’ adds fully-functional pets in unexpected, adorable free update

In Patch 3.2, another massive follow up to its stellar 3.0 update, No Man’s Sky lets you tame alien pets to join you on your otherworldly expeditions.

If you’ve ever been lonely when repeatedly meandering the vast, lush landscapes of about 18 quintillion planets, No Man’s Sky developers Hello Games have a fix for that.

With the latest update for No Man’s Sky titled Companions, a very welcome range of friendly aliens have infiltrated their way into your intergalactic travels.

You’ll be able to interact with the new ‘animal companions’, as Hello Games calls them. Once fed, players can milk, ride, and adopt up to six creatures. Don’t let that stop you though – you can recruit more for your gang by securing extra slots at the price of a few more nanites.

The new pets aren’t just for show, either. Each species you encounter will have their own unique personality, which will naturally affect how they act in-game. Some accessories, such as the torch and mining lasers, can also be used by the new alien pals. Because why not, right?

The sky’s the limit in No Man’s Sky. That’s why people are experimenting like crazy – because they never put a limit on your imagination!

If you have animals, you can’t forget about the offspring. An animal companion will lay eggs after they’ve been well cared for. There’s also a realistic twist; unlike the majority of other games, the No Man’s Sky game devs programmed the hatchlings to be slightly varied and not just a carbon copy of its parents.

What’s more, the new ‘Egg Sequencer’ also lets players remix the genetic material of their eggs to produce completely new creations. So hit up your fellow travellers to participate in the black market of companion eggs.

Other features included in this patch update include bug fixes and PS4 optimisation improvements.

It’s been over four years since Hello Games’ disappointing launch of No Man’s Sky. But hey, they’ve recognised their mistakes and continue to try their best to make amends for that. Say what you will about the atrocious bugs or lacklustre exploration upon its initial release, No Man’s Sky in 2021 is absolutely beaut. And no, it’s not just the next-gen console update saying that.

The game’s Origins update was spectacular, bringing new star systems, planets, and biomes, unveiling a deeper story about various alien civilisations that occupy the areas, all while maintaining a pleasant, aesthetic experience. Almost most importantly of all, this particularly epic patch also had crucial bug fixes so players could enjoy the new features in peace.

It really does seem like the developers are keen on finessing their world building to new heights. With the new animal companions now joining the journey, adventuring across the universe has levelled up.

You can currently purchase a copy of No Man’s Sky on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox X/S. Read more about their latest update here.