Brittany Higgins’ perpetrator accused of sexual assault by a second woman

In shocking news, a second woman has come forward alleging she was raped by the same ex-liberal staffer as Brittany Higgins.

In an exclusive report from The Australian, a second woman has anonymously come forward to the paper, explaining that Brittany Higgins’ story inspired her to tell her own.

“I am telling my story because I want to support Brittany (Higgins) and I want to help shine a light on this awful culture,” she told The Australian. According to the report, the second woman’s assault occurred at the end of last year, after the pair had dinner and drinks together.

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he is “very disappointed” hearing these allegations in a press conference on Saturday morning.

“We at all times, the ministers who had knowledge of this matter and those who were in a senior position, the staff that had knowledge of those matters in those offices, at all times sought to have this matter fully investigated by the police,” the PM said on Saturday.

These claims follow the outrage surrounding the government’s handling of Brittany Higgins’ sexual assault claims. Morrison denies that his office had any knowledge of the incident until last week when he was informed. However, text messages between Higgins and a fellow Liberal staffer have implied that the Prime Minister was informed about the incident earlier.

Morrison also seemingly blundered on the floor of Parliament House earlier this week, where he said that he had been made aware of the incident in April 2020 before promptly correcting himself.

Morrison agrees with the public that cultural changes must be addressed and implemented, especially in the workplace.

“What I must do and continue to do is focus on ensuring that the needs of our staff are addressed, that they are safe, that those who have suffered the trauma and horror of events like this in the past are respected and that we give every support we can to ensure that the police authorities can take up these matters as discreetly as they possibly can.”

The second woman has not yet chosen to identify herself.