ScoMo comes under fire for his utterly shit tier response to the Parliament rape allegations

ScoMo comes under fire for his utterly shit tier response to the Parliament rape allegations

With evidence mounting that the Prime Minister was aware of Brittany Higgins’ allegations, husband and father Scott Morrison has come under fire for his tone-deaf response to the press.

CW: Sexual assault

First, it was #ScottyTheMisogynist, now #Scottyknew is the latest hashtag trending on Twitter, following former liberal staffer Brittany Higgins’ formal complaint about the handling of her alleged rape by the Australian Government.

PM Scott Morrison said he was not aware of the 2019 allegation, however, the evidence is mounting against him.

Brittany Higgins

Ms Higgins informed the Ten Network on Monday night that Morrison’s principal private secretary, Yaron Finkelstein, called her via WhatsApp in November, around the time a Four Corners interview aired, investigating the party’s culture of sexism. Finkelstein said the PM was “just checking in” but she did not say what he knew. ScoMo said phone records do not show any evidence of the claimed call.

As per The Guardian, the government reportedly acknowledged that, “the alleged perpetrator was dismissed by Reynolds for a security breach after accessing her ministerial office after hours, but were unaware of the sexual assault allegation.” 

The media backlash ties in with ScoMo’s tone-deaf response as to why the allegations really hit home for him: hint, it’s not because he’s a human being or the PM. On Sunday morning ScoMo said to press, “I discussed it with Jenny [his wife], and she had seen it and we discussed it. That’s how we deal with these things.”  

It is true that behind every great man is a great women, but as journalist Teagan George pointedly asked, “What happens if men don’t have a wife and children, would they reach the same compassionate conclusion?”

Morrison wears many hats; husband, father, Hawaiian tourist. But the biggest on the hatrack is Prime Minister of Australia, and the internet is asking why he did not approach this issue as just that. The thoughts of fellow Australians who shook their heads as they listened to the PM speak were perfectly captured by The Betoota Advocate:

Luckily, it is not just everyday Australians sighing in disapproval at the PM’s response. Speaking in Parliament yesterday afternoon, Victorian MP Julian Hill responded to ScoMo’s comments from his own perspective as a man who is also both a politician and father.

“Like the Prime Minister, I have a daughter. But that is completely irrelevant to understanding that violence against women is never acceptable…Daughters and wives do not exist to teach men to respect women and have empathy.”

Insert big metaphorical slow clap.

As for today, ScoMo is evidently on the down-low.

We’ll have to wait and see what the PM will say next.