“V for vaccine”: First Aussie Covid vaccine recipient gives ScoMo a two-fingered salute

The Covid-19 vaccine has officially started rolling out in Australia, and the first recipient has gone viral “thanks to the fact that she threw Scott Morrison a sneaky V sign.”

84-year-old Jane Malysiak, a World War Two survivor, received the vaccine yesterday at Sydney’s Castle Hill Medical Centre next to ScoMo and “showed respect” by gesturing “V for vaccine” before reversing it, “igniting roars of laughter from the watching press in what is likely to become an iconic – if irreverent – moment.”

Was it deliberate, or just a complete accident? Either way, the Australian public is relishing the historic occasion that’s now been turned into an awkward moment for our PM.

First Covid-19 vaccination in Australia
Jane Malysiak receiving the first Covid vaccine in Australia. Photo: Nine

“Jane Malysiak has seen many historic days in Australia over the course of her more than 80 years of life,” ScoMo told press about Australia’s first vaccine recipient. “She grew up in Poland in the Depression … she went through the Second World War, she came to Australia, she built a wonderful life here and is still living it gloriously today … She came here from Europe when she was 13 and she’s built an amazing life in this country.”

“She’s seen more things than most of us have, and she’s taking part in what is a very historic day for our country, and I want to thank you, Jane, for being with us here today.”

PM Scott Morrison vaccination
ScoMo receives his first dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. Photo: 9News

Following Jane’s vaccination, ScoMo then got the jab, wearing overly-Aussie attire, including an Australian flag-themed mask and a sports polo promoting “the fresh food people.”